Author William Grovère is Today’s Honoree

Author William Grovère presents his latest novel, “Hyperspeed”, a work of speculative fiction that provides plausible examples of how society would function with emerging technology more than 50 years into the future and how it would deal with the repercussions of innovation. Describing technological advancements such as portal travel and evacuated tunnels that allow supersonic global travel, Grovère appeals to readers with an interest and understanding of science, technology and international affairs.

In the book, readers follow recently retired corporate executive named Christophe Conally as he discovers a conspiracy to counterfeit and smuggle gold bullion by The Syndicate, a group intent on commandeering the global economy and seeking to fill the power vacuum left behind when central governments became irrelevant in the post-modern age.

Branding itself as the first “science future” novel with a plot reminiscent of a classic thriller, “Hyperspeed” entertains readers with a complex narrative of the way technology builds and changes societies.

“I believe the sophisticated reader with an above-average understanding of technology and international affairs would be most interested in reading the book,” Grovère said.

“Hyperspeed” is a complex thriller that delivers intellectually stimulating discussion about future advancements in science, construction and technology combined with an action-packed narrative that begins a dialogue on how technology has the power to redefine how societies live and think.

Available at the iUniverse Online BookstoreAmazon and Barnes & Noble


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