Beyond The States Founder Jennifer Viemont is Today’s Honoree

Jennifer is a native of Chicago, but has lived in North Carolina for over a decade.  She obtained her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Illinois, Chicago.   Jennifer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and has worked in a variety of areas including school social work, mental health, and coaching, and as a parenting coordinator which is an alternative dispute resolution for high-conflict divorce cases. She has also developed and implemented a program working with both high school and college students around time management, study strategies, goal setting, and other executive functioning skills that are needed for academic success. Jennifer loves traveling and has made it her priority to expose her kids to other countries and cultures. She loves to get a deeper feel for the cities she visits by eating, shopping, and residing in areas populated by locals. She lives in Chapel Hill with her husband, two teenagers, and their two dogs.

More About Beyond The States:

Hi there, I work with Jennifer Viemont, founder of Beyond The States and author of College Beyond the States: European Schools That Will Change Your Life Without Breaking the Bank. Jennifer helps American students circumvent the U.S. college admission rat race by educating them on the process of earning their college degrees in Europe. American students can save tens of thousands of dollars by pursuing degrees at English-language programs at excellent European schools. But there are more incentives for studying abroad. Jennifer argues that American “holistic” admissions is really flawed and allows for variables like legacy status, financial status, whether parents donate to the university, and whether the student is an athlete to be considered in the admission decision. At European schools, admissions decisions are based 100% on whether or not a student meets a defined set of criteria. Jennifer writes about the many differences between the American and European university systems on her blog at:

If you’re looking to interview an expert to provide commentary on studying abroad, the recent American college admission scandals, or how European schools make the application process less stressful for students and their families, please keep Jennifer in mind. Thanks + best, Eva Dilmanian Buzzword PR 718.599.2591

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