Author and Teen Climate Change Expert Arjun Marwaha is Today’s Honoree

Arjun Marwaha is an ambitious young high school student who just released his first book Our Changing Earth: Why Climate Change Matters to Young People. At just 17, while most kids are looking to get their driver’s license and to go away to college, Marwaha is looking to the future of our planet, and how we can save it. Marwaha calls on his peers and members of Generation Z to educate themselves on this important matter, and why action needs to be taken now in order to prevent and stop catastrophic damages to the place we all call home.

Topics Arjun can discuss at a meeting or event.

  • Geology 101: Breaking down the basics of climate change to young people so they know the importance of this matter
  • Healthy Earth, Healthier You: The damaging effects these extreme weather and climate changes can have on our bodies and overall health
  • Disaster Relief, Repeat? How disastrous weather events can set back families and communities for months, and why prevention of these acts is better than preparation.
  • Bye-bye, Big Business: How major corporations play a bigger role in preventing climate change legislation, and how young people can prevent this from happening.
  • Red, White, Blue, and Green: How our current executive and legislative branches are turning the issue of climate change into a political battle, and why young voters are looking for a leader who will make climate change a priority come the 2020 election.

Visit for more information.

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