Author Demetris Curry is Today’s Honoree

Demetris “Dee” Curry, serves her community as a published Author (Brighter Days Ahead: A Blueprint for Your Future), Speaker, and Insurance Wellness Strategist.  With nearly 20 years of experience in banking/financial services, wealth accumulation and maintenance, bank auditing, analytical reasoning, and life disability insurance procurement, Dee has a reputation for helping people optimize their risk portfolios while creating and maintaining the lifestyles that they deem suitable for their financial health and well-being. Dee holds a formal degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Banking and Finance and is licensed as a Life & Health and Fixed Annuities provider.

Known for exhibiting a one-of-a-kind integrity in the field of insurance and finances, and leading with a remarkable and rare passion to serve, Dee began to understand early in life the importance of financial security and the effects of the lack of protection preparation in families.  After finding herself and other family members being left to delay personal and professional goals due to the unforeseen burden of financial responsibility resulting from the untimely demise of those who had not properly financially equipped their loved ones to live lives that were free of financial distress, Dee vowed to ensure that families around the globe become more cognizant of the tools and resources available for financial wealth and security.

Standing firm to the belief that one cannot truly live their “best life” without first having the peace in knowing that they have created a financial wealth space in which their children, their children’s children and their children, can also experience wondrous magnitudes of financial freedom; Demetris is a well-respected and much sought after advocate for generational financial health education and life insurance benefits literacy.

Dee is Founder and Chief Insurance Wellness Strategist at Inspired for Greatness, LLC, a strategic wealth building development and consulting firm serving individuals and organizations around the world through wealth planning, insurance acquisition and financial sustainability services.

Responsible for driving profits growth and negotiating contracts for organization leaders, Dee’s work with financial institutions has proved pivotal in helping to win Multi-Million and Billion dollar servicing bids. Encompassing the constructs of the Suitability Analysis Review (SAR) into her training, consulting, and education model, Demetris has developed a dynamic, customized, evidence-based, and results-driven strategy to establish long-term familial wealth.  Having emerged as a leading expert in her field, Dee’s financial education and coaching programs prepare and position both individuals and families to attract, attain and sustain wealth for generations to come.

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