Laura Barrett Creator of Laura’s Greetings is Today’s Honoree

How it All Started:

Hannah Lee was Laura’s aide. This meant Hannah and Laura spent lots of time together going to the park, doing crafts, watching movies, knitting and more! Laura knits amazing hats, LOVES to paint and always seems to have a smile on her face.

Ever since Laura was a young girl, she loved to paint. In fact, Hannah had to make sure Laura wasn’t stashing extra napkins, paper and other materials from restaurants and places they visited that Laura wanted to take home and paint on!  Laura invited Hannah and her husband Hiva to her birthday party and gave them paintings as a party gift. They were so impressed with the drawings–they wanted to show the world Laura’s talent!

Starting a Company:

Hannah’s husband Hiva had some experience in business and wondered if people would love Laura’s art enough to pay for it. Hannah and Hiva thought that by starting a company, they could help people see Laura’s talents. Laura hadn’t had many opportunities to share her artwork with others, and perhaps creating greeting cards with her designs was the way to do it!

So Laura, Hannah, Hiva and some friends worked together to design some cards and listen to what people had to say.

“Do you know anyone with an intellectual disability like Down syndrome or autism?”

“Do you like these greeting card designs?”

“Would you buy these cards?”

Almost always, the answer was an emphatic YES! In honor of the inspiration behind our company, Laura’s Greetings was born to share the talents of people with intellectual disabilities.

About Laura:

Laura Barrett is the 41-year-old artist with down syndrome behind Laura’s Greetings. Painting has been a passion of hers since childhood and with the help of her aid Hannah Lee and Lee’s husband, Laura transformed her art into clever greeting cards. Those who know Laura feel she has one other interest that rivals art: Zac Efron. She has posters of him everywhere in her room including a life-sized cardboard cutout. She often goes about her day wearing  a lanyard with his picture in it! Laura’s other favorite things include dogs and ice cream cake.

Be part of Laura’s Greetings’ mission by sharing the talent of people with intellectual disabilities. For more information, visit or


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