Author and Publisher Jenny Dew is Today’s Honoree

If somebody were to ask me why I write children’s books I would respond, “Because I felt these books were needed.” Books about attitudes for children were hard to find at my public library and I needed them badly. I needed books that had humor and spoke to a child’s broken heart; a child’s heart that needed mending. My last two children came home to me after suffering truamatic experiences within the first three years of their lives. It took years for me to figure out that the neurons in my youngest children’s brains had actually been affected from those experiences. They both had severe cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder along with other disorders caused from those most traumatic years. The fear held them captive and not wanting to cooperate with our family. The two children stuggled to understand why I tried so hard to keep them with me and a family that would love them for the rest of their lives. They did not believe in love.

After struggling for many years, trying to understand why my last two children would not bond with me, I started a new adventure learning how to parent in therapeutic ways. After many years of frustrated efforts to help my children I finally started to find a few answers. It was a very lonely parenting trek with hospitalizations and residential treatment facilities that were required during times of great turmoil for the children and the rest of our family. I started meeting other parents in the same boat I was in and we were rowing hard but going nowhere; but we all finally felt validated that we were not the only parents having a difficult time finding the help that our truamatized children needed. After spending many years watching the struggles of truamatized children some stories started to develop in my mind. One day I sat down and started jotting down the rhyming words and was amazed to see the patterns coming together on the page. I could visualize the pictures that would make the words come to life. After completing the stories I realized that they could help all children… not just the traumatized ones. I started reading my stories to children’s groups and enjoyed the laughter.

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