Motivational Speaker Pamela D. Peté is Today’s Honoree

Pamela D. Peté, an experienced and passionate transformational speaker-poet, goal coach, author and a Chief Master Sergeant, USAF, veteran. As a result of Masterful Purpose, LLC, a Christian based speaking, coaching, and personal development business, people take action to discover their true purpose and face their fears so they can live life to their fullest potential. Through her workshops, courses, sessions, and speeches, she focuses on connecting with her audience and exploring their ultimate dreams and desires, converting fear into action plans that will propel them closer to fulfilling their true life mission and objectives.

As an Air Force Veteran, serving the United States Government for over 20 years, she gained exceptional leadership and coaching experience through challenging roles as Regional Director, and Regional Training Executive, leading and managing, and training other executives and a high-performance sales teams. Pamela traveled throughout the United States, and other countries, delivering speeches to thousands and using poetry to inspire and transformational information to connect with teams and individuals.

Pamela’s academic background includes an MBA and BA in Business Management from the University of Phoenix, and a pending Master of Arts degree in Creative Writing among numerous certifications in HR, Recruiting and Training.

Visit for more information.

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