Hair Restoration Surgeon Dr. Daniel Danyo is Today’s Honoree

Like other guys, I wasn’t happy about seeing my own hair thinning out in the mirror every morning. At the rehab and pain management clinic I was running a few years back, many of the patients had the same issue, and of course I knew how they felt about it.

So I did some research. I learned about the new FUE method of hair transplantation, which didn’t require surgically removing a strip of scalp to ‘harvest’ hair follicles. Intrigued, I acquired the necessary training and equipment to begin offering the procedure at my clinic.

I couldn’t help but notice how much happier and more confident guys were when their new hair grew in. Something inside me clicked, and I knew I had found my new calling.

As the science of hair restoration progressed, I wanted to progress along with it. Knowing that becoming great at something requires a full-time commitment, I closed my clinic and opened North Atlanta Hair Restoration.

Ironically, all the while, my own scalp was showing through more and more. Like others, I yearned for the long-term benefits of a hair transplant, but I wasn’t looking forward to the short-term impact.

Finally taking the plunge myself, I found that the recovery, combined with having to shave my head, was awkward, almost traumatic. Everyone would know, I thought, and I didn’t particularly want them too.

I got past it, but wondered if there wasn’t a better way. Then in 2013, I attended a lecture that introduced ‘Shaveless FUE’. I knew that not having to shave their head, combined with the quicker, easier recovery I could offer due to my pain management experience, would give people less reason to put off what they so dearly wanted to do.

I attended educational seminars, participated in workshops, and met with hair restoration surgeons from around the world. I applied, combined, and tweaked the latest techniques. Before long, I found that others considered me to be on the cutting edge of Shaveless FUE innovation.

The word spread, and people started flying in from up and down the east coast, entrusting their heads to the stealth hair transplant specialist they had heard about. They seemed to like the idea that I performed every transplant myself, instead of the standard practice of using staff technicians.

I’m continually touched by the trust that men – and women – put in me, as my ‘no one will know’ approach turned their reluctance into confidence. Because, believe me, I know exactly how they feel.

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