The Selah Way Foundation and Selah Freedom Co-Founder and CEO Elizabeth Melendez Fisher is Today’s Honoree

Elizabeth Melendez Fisher is the Co-Founder and President/CEO of The Selah Way Foundation and Co-Founder/CEO of Selah Freedom. Headquartered in the Florida Suncoast, Selah Freedom is a national not-for-profit that focuses on ending sex trafficking and exploitation. Fisher is passionate about protecting our own local American children. Since Selah Freedom’s inception in 2011, she has led the organization with financial growth of over 200% annually. With her direction Selah Freedom has launched four nationally renowned programs: Safe Housing, Teen Prevention, Awareness and Outreach, through which Selah Freedom partners with and trains the FBI, local law enforcement and StatesAttorney’s offices throughout the nation. Selah Freedom educatesthousands on this issue every year including children, adults, community stakeholders, NPOs, government officials, school systems, and more. Houston Police Department is one of many agencies that was trained by Selah Freedom in best practices prior to tackling the rise of sex trafficking during the 2017 Super Bowl. The organization serves thousands of survivors and at-risk youth annually through each of their successful programs every year.

Accolades of the organization include being identified by the Attorney General and Governor’s offices of Florida as setting the highest standards and measurements statewide and being upheld as the model for best practices as an organization nationally. This ability to scale allows them not only to train countless other organizations, but to replicate their services and reach survivors from all over the country. Fisher oversees each programmatic arm of the organization nationally, incorporating hundreds of volunteers, faith partners and community leaders impacting the fight to end this crime and bring light to the root issue of childhood sexual abuse and trauma.

​Fisher has been highlighted and described as, “Part healer, part businesswoman, all resolve—if Selah Freedom is bringing light into the darkness, as the slogan says, then Fisher is the one behindthe megawatt.” She is the recipient of the prestigious Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year Award and has been featured in the Herald Tribune, Tampa Times, Chicago Women Magazine, SRQ Magazine, WGN-TV and Radio, ABC, Fox, NBC News, METV, WBEZ Chicago as well as Bay News 9 and other notable publications and broadcasts. View her TEDx Talk, “Sex Trafficking In Our own Backyard.” Elizabeth has her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and her Master’s in Clinical Psychology.

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