Keeping Families Connected Founder Letitia Scott is Today’s Honoree

As founder of Keeping Families Connected I want to take just a moment to introduce myself and our organization. KFC is a federally recognized non-profit organization in the DFW metroplex. We provide free transportation, breakfast and lunch to and from correctional facilities for families of incarcerated loved-ones, especially for kids/children that have incarcerated parents.

Our organization was birthed by Letitia Scott out of a personal desire to make meaningful contributions to the lives of those who are incarcerated and the family members they are separated from. At KFC we don’t believe the bars have to become barriers. Keeping Families Connected is a passion for Letitia because she lost her 17 year old son (her only son) to a car wreck 3 weeks before his 18th birthday. Letitia tells us that God showed her on three different occasions Thursday, Friday and Saturday that her son was going to die and she wouldn’t believe so this is one of the main reasons Keeping Families Connected exists.

Keeping Families Connected has been sustained with Letitia’s personal funds for 3 years and 4 months now, with some donations from individuals and fundraisers.

Our greatest need is vans and we are working to purchase our 1st van really soon as we have been renting vans, cars, vehicles etc. for 3 years now. If we were to receive a large donation at this time, it would go to purchase a van so that we can keep doing what we are doing.

We provide services for the children and families all year around, as we recently had our 2nd Annual Back To School Connect Fest, in which it was funded with a few donations and supplies from Mayor Mike Rawlings office, the rest Letitia provided out of pocket.

Keeping Families Connected gave out 160 back packs filled with supplies as well purchased uniforms for some of the families.

Lack of money and distance are often the reasons family members don’t visit their loved-ones as often as they would like. Our mission is to fill that gap. With the generous donations of our supporters and the efforts of our volunteer staff we are keeping families connected week after week, month after month, year after year.

We have been blessed to be able to sustain and serve the families that we help for as long as we have without having to close our doors and we plan to become a household name and because the need is so great in the United States as there are 2.7 million children with parents that are incarcerated, we plan to birth Keeping Families Connected in more states in the near future.

Visit for more information.

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