Motivational Speaker Jarray Davis is Today’s Honoree

Jarray Davis is a transformation figure that was able to change his life and excel beyond his circumstances. His mission has since become to help others transform their lives by first transforming their way of thinking.

Jarray is a 2 times published author. His first book After Attraction: Relationships are Simple, Right? is available for free download. His second and most recent book, Elevators in My Mind, is a memoir that details how he was able to overcome the box of a convicted felon. Jarray worked his way up from a cleaner to a management professional within his first fours years in the hospitality industry.

He is currently working on a collaborative project with international speaker Johnny Wimbrey that also features Les Brown. Jarray also is currently working on a full-length documentary about the ruins in Maryland.


Blame My Mama

Take a chance. Do what you love. Don’t give up early. These are the words that I am now trying to live my life by. Born in the small town of Hampton, Virginia in the 1980’s, I’ve always dreamt of sharing something from my own mind with the world.

At six-years old I sent a demo tape to Ice Cube and N.W.A. along with my older brother Casey. At twelve I discovered my flare for creative writing. In high school my infatuation with a girl prompted me to dabble in poetry. At nineteen, I wrote my first fiction novel. And in my twenties, I started teaching myself how to write screenplays. However, talent means nothing without drive. None of my projects were ever shared with the world. So today, I take that chance. Today I’m doing what I love. Tomorrow I won’t give up. 

And by the way… Ice Cube never called back!

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