Shaving Expert Douglas Smythe is Today’s Honoree

Douglas Smythe was first introduced to traditional shaving as a child watching his dad shave on the weekends, fast forward to today and find him and his business, Phoenix Shaving, trailblazing on the forefront of the Traditional Wet Shaving revival we are currently seeing crop up around the world.

Having created his first perfume at age 8 with his chemistry set the die was cast. After college he moved to Central America where he lived in a hammock at the edge of the rain forest. While there he developed an after bite type solution that relieved the inflammation of bug bites. The product became popular with both locals and tourist alike, so much so, four years later he was back in the USA producing and shipping his wares to Costa Rica.

Eventually his passion for male grooming and traditional shaving became the focal point of his business and Phoenix Shaving was born. Almost immediately, folks began to take notice of Phoenix Shaving’s daring scents and creative approach to all things shaving and within 2 years both him and his business partner were featured in Forbes Magazine.

Douglas is also co-host of the popular morning show I’d Lather Be Shaving and organizer of The Big Shave West, a yearly “Shave Festival” held each year outside of Los Angeles in sunny Pasadena, California. He is a lively online personality and a dynamic public speaker on all things male grooming with a concentration in the art and technique of traditional shaving.

Documentary on The Big Shave West, year 2:

Prior podcast appearances: Fit Man Project, Gentlemen’s Scofflaw, Niche Pursuits, Passive Income, The Cutting Edge Wet Shaving Podcast, Moustache & Blade.

Douglas also runs the YouTube show I’d Lather Be Shaving.

Links/Social media:
Twitter: Douglas_Smythe
Instagram: phoenix_shaving

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