Author Steve Pemberton is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

Hope for the Holidays: Digital release of the USA Today Best Selling Memoir, “A Chance in the World,” reveals how lauded global executive Steve Pemberton’s disturbing, tremendously moving and highly inspirational story of persistence and perseverance has resulted in a legendary corporate executive career and ‘paying it forward’ advocacy work for kids ‘aging out’ of foster care system across U.S.

From the day he was five-years-old and dropped off at his foster home of the next eleven years, Steve Pemberton’s days are filled with loneliness, fear, uncertainty and trauma. Along the way, through small acts of kindness from a neighbor that fortuitously included a box of books, Steve decides to fight in whatever way he can. Against all odds, he succeeded, graduating college and becoming a wildly successful and revered global corporate C-suite executive whose worked with the likes of iconic tech innovator—one of the 10 largest businesses in the world, Walgreens, and now with social engagement leader Globoforce.

One of America’s most inspiring executives, Steve has shared his powerful story and moved millions. This across social media and at more than 250 events he’s presented with for some of the biggest organizations in the world, including IBM, AT&T, Nissan, Southwest Airlines, United Way, National PTA, Boys & Girls Club, and J.P. Morgan.

Indeed, Steve’s story is one of conquest, detailing how he overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to grow into a man of resilience, determination and vision. So compelling is his experience, a feature film based on his top-selling autobiography—A Chance in the World: An Orphan Boy, a Mysterious Past, and How He Found a Place Called Home” (Thomas Nelson, Paperback)—has been turned into a major motion picture distributed by Cinemark, which debuted nationwide in over 1,000 theaters on May 30, 2018.  The book and film recounts Steve’s hurts and despair, but also his triumph against daunting obstacles. It’s a heart-wrenching but uplifting story of the human spirit’s ability to find hope, strength and forgiveness in the darkest of times, which readers are often moved to share with their family, friends, and neighbors.

Starting December 1, 2018, the film available as a digital release via On Demand on local cable providers including Verizon, Xfinity, Direct TV and Time Warner.

The movie is actually based on the now revised and expanded edition of Steve’s celebrated book,” in which his story is further elaborated upon with fresh reflections that have left so many readers forever changed. This moving account spotlights a young man’s determination to move forward in life, inspiring us all to reflect on the current, problematic state of the American Foster Care system.

About The Author:

Best Selling Author, Philanthropist, Acclaimed Speaker, and Senior Level Executive for the Likes of, Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Globoforce

Steve Pemberton’s story is about defying seemingly insurmountable odds to become a trail-blazing corporate executive, enlightened diversity leader, visionary youth advocate and acclaimed speaker. His best-selling memoir, A Chance in the World, recounts his triumphant life journey and drive to become a man of resilience, determination and vision. Now an upcoming major motion picture, A Chance in the World further amplifies Steve’s highly motivational messages: Believe in your dreams, rise above obstacles, create opportunities for others, and most of all, persevere.

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