Chalkin’ Social Founder David Schoonmaker is Today’s Honoree

In 2016 by David Schoonmaker, a 47-year old marketing professional who realized he was socializing much less face to face and making less new friends each year. David watched a Ted Talk presentation by Robert Waldinger called, ‘What Makes a Good Life?”, an ongoing 75-year Harvard study on adult development in which he concludes, “Socializing with friends, family, and the community makes people happier and healthier.”

After just loving this presentation, David knew it was time for change, so, he created a prototype mesh trucker hat, with a small DIY chalkboard attached to the front, with “HELLO” written on it. He wandered around downtown Manhattan and realized people ‘got it’ right away and would smile and say “Hello!”, “Great idea!”, or “I miss meeting people!”

Schoonmaker, created Chalkin’ Social® ( ) to improve camaraderie in homes, schools, and healthcare practices. The hats are being utilized by parents and teachers who work with children that have autism, social anxiety, hearing impairment, shyness, and others. Chalkin’ Social hats are also making their appearances in boardrooms across the US.

Each Chalkin’ Social® hat comes with two removable custom chalkboards (MED & LRG), one custom metal chalk clip, one pack of assorted color chalk, mini-eraser, instruction card, and a double snap-back-closure (upgrade from original styles).

Visit for more information.


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