Fitness Foundry Founder Julio A. Salado is Today’s Honoree

Fitness Foundry personal training is based on exercise science and holistic arts. My philosophy is rooted in diligence, consistency, openmindedness and passion. My A.I.M. is to Assess, Initiate and Motivate you to meet your fitness goal. The ultimate goal will be self-efficacy.

I am a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Recognized Certified Personal Trainer with Distinction. My experience includes over ten years of strength & conditioning training with disciplines in bodybuilding, TRX suspension training, Olympic lifts, kettle bells, power lifting, post rehabilitation, senior training, cross training, sports performance, Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and personal training business development.

I am a native of Boston, MA., and the  founder of, a leading online resource for health and wellness. For over a decade, I have guided countless individuals from all levels of fitness to achieve their body sculpting and personal training goals. I am also an educator and continuing education provider.

I am the author of BREAK OUT of Breaking Even! 3 Step Method for PROVEN Long-Term Weight Loss” and “How to Become an A-List Personal Trainer”.  My unique blend of western exercise science and holistic arts has been featured in numerous TV shows, in print, and online including: “Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s Senior Count TV Show”,” ‘Health and Family Magazine’ , “Fitness Professional Online”, “Boston Globe , “Boston Magazine , “Doug Holt’s Coffee Talk Podcast” and “Top Personal Trainers Answer Your Questions” published by Regency Publishing.

Fitness Foundry is unique because of its seamless integration of exercise science and Yin and Yang universal principles – specifically for developing Movement, Performance, Skill and Self-Efficacy.

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