Mutombo Monday

Welcome to Bow Tie Mutombo Monday as we celebrate the life and legacy of the NBA Global Ambassador Dikembe Mutombo Mukamba Wamutombo who is the President of the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation and the 2018 Sager Strong award winner for his humanitarian work in Congo. When you walk in your purpose you will see things happen right before your eyes. A few days ago I went into the store and found a Kente cloth pattern and it inspired me to bring this tie to you today not knowing that I would walk into the gym yesterday and meet DIKEMBE (Daily Inspiration Keeps Everyone Motivated to Be Excellent). As we network and build relationships please understand that world is watching and if we truly want to leave a spark to keep others out of the dark we have to MUTOMBO (Moving Up Together Opens More Blessings and Opportunities). Finger wag one time for Dikembe Mutombo and share the work that he is doing.

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