Author Donna Jean Gerrier is Today’s Honoree

Author Donna Jean Gerrier’s mother was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. Her father, a Parkinsonian, cared for her mother until he suffered a stroke. The best medicine? Embracing humor and a love for life.

Gerrier wants to inspire others to hold onto their beliefs and dreams no matter how difficult their circumstances may be. The love of her family prevailed her fulfilling career in Toronto as a speech language pathologist as well as her study and performance of classical opera. Gerrier returned to her parents home in a small prairie town of four thousand residents.

“My goal remains steadfast, to help others who are facing challenges to be brave in adapting the identical insane courage that we as a family embraced to live full out creating a vibrant life in spite of horrific circumstances and huge obstacles, even from their wheelchairs,” Gerrier said.

“Picture yourself leaving a professional career as a speech (language) pathologist and returning home for the love of family. See Donna Jean’s patience being tested and seeing what eggs on the wall look like in this Dad’s den (aka ‘man cave’ in the U.S.)!,” an Amazon reviewer wrote about the book.

Follow the Gerrier family in “Eggs on the Wall . . . For the Love of Family” on their journey as they live life being grateful for every day–many of which are filled with fun, laughter and outrageous experiences such as getting arrested in Sweden for allegedly being Russian spies.

About the author

Donna Jean Gerrier shares her family’s story to help others facing the responsibility of caring for a loved one. Gerrier facilitates a pet-loss support group and is passionate to end violence towards animals and women. A retired speech language pathologist, she pursues an interest in the performing arts.

To learn more about the author and her book, please visit

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