Author Jvonne Hubbard is Today’s Honoree

Jvonne Hubbard has been many terrifying things: The daughter of a KKK Grand Dragon; a rightfully charged inmate, guilty of violence; a thief; an accomplice; a girl who knives other girls at school; a hateful and spiteful individual…

She has also been a starving teen living on the street; a victim of complex webs of poverty; a survivor of eating disorders, sexual assault, rape, neglect and abuse…

Today she is the mother to two special needs children, one biracial, whom she adopted as a baby. She is a woman who suffers so immensely from PTSD that she has dozens of related, diagnosed physical ailments. She is a writer and a yoga teacher whose journey from hatred to love and optimism holds priceless lessons for all.

In her new memoir, White Sheets to Brown Babies (Sakshi Press, 2018), Hubbard documents the jagged line of her life in stunning, unflinching detail: from witnessing Klan initiations, cross burnings, rallies and daily acts of physical violence, to her ongoing efforts to free herself from the hatred her KKK Grand Dragon dad taught her — lessons which diseased all aspects of her life.

Hard to read and even harder to put down, White Sheets to Brown Babies paints a painfully realistic picture of the plight of southern white poverty, and takes a long look at the journey of breaking free of the goals of a hate group operating on its own turf. From being told that “blacks carried diseases that could be caught just by accidentally touching their skin” and being forced to turn her back on a cherished, black childhood friend to being driven by hunger to suck ketchup packets, White Sheets to Brown Babies spares no detail in displaying the dark underbelly of our nation and the human soul.

Yet, it brims with hope.

Most importantly, White Sheets to Brown Babies is a story of how hate did not succeed, as Jvonne struggled on and through to the other side to embrace love, laughter and the pursuit of personal happiness. Part of this amazing transformation even led to her adoption of a biracial infant, an event that served both as a healing elixir to her soul and a grandiose “!#%& you” to all the ugliness that hate brings.

In the end, Jvonne says, “I don’t know if love is stronger than hate, but I have found hate to be exhausting.”

About Jvonne Hubbard

Jvonne Hubbard is an ACE certified Personal Fitness Trainer, an AHF certified Holistic Yoga Specialist and the devoted mother to two special needs children. As a child and young adult in the U.S south struggling through the grips of poverty, Jvonne worked stints as a waitress, a wrestling valet, an aid to seniors and a magician’s assistant. She lives with her husband in Tennessee.

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