WovenHacks Founder Vincent Sam is Today’s Honoree

Vincent Sam is a Tech Citizen, Storyteller, Visionary and Founder of WovenHacks, a Non Profit Foundation. As a seasoned traveler with multi-cultural background, Kobe shares his experiences in hopes to empower and inspire his audience.

About WovenHacks:

Each day, foreign students wake up in another man’s land in hopes to attain success in their academic endeavors. In addition to their cultural adjustment, these students are required by law to be enrolled as full time and to complete study within the allotted student visa period. There’s certainly no room to fail. Woven Hacks Foundation devotes its efforts to provide a support system for these neglected minority, foreign students. We believe “the best thing to hold onto in life is each other”, an inspirational quote by Audrey Hepburn. We organize innovation events to showcase unity through innovation and offer these students a chance to create solutions to the challenges they currently face. Through their inventions, these foreign students get to share the untold stories of the student population.

Visit https://www.wovenhacks.com/ for more information.


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