Forefront Charity Founder Matthew Oh is Today’s Honoree

About Forefront Charity:

Forefront Charity has a four-pillar approach to empowering future leaders. Empowerment starts with clean water, because without it, girls and women are spending up to six hours each day fetching water, instead of getting an education or being able to have a career. The next step is education; over 50 percent of girls in India fail to enroll in school, and most girls drop out by the age of 12 to help their families. To that end, we are currently building a school in India. The next step is medical care; over 60 percent of people in India do not have adequate healthcare. The final step is empowerment. India is 102nd out of 144 in the United Nations Gender Equality Index.

About Matthew Oh:

Matt is a Cornell University chemical engineer. Matt founded FOREFRONT in 2015 after having gone to India since 2012 and other countries such as El Salvador, Venezuela, and Paraguay and seeing the various severe needs in water/sanitation, education, health, and social justice.

Visit for more information.

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