Intentionally Lost Podcast Host Kevin Wenning is Today’s Honoree

I love talking about marrying personal interests with business endeavors – travel, cycling, photography in my case but in general using whatever your interests are to broaden your world.

My focus is to encourage people to travel and have new experiences in the context of their real life. We can’t all be adventurers spending months away from home in remote corners of the world. But we can take time out each year to have an adventure whether that’s close to where we live or on the other side of the world. Whether small or epic; that adventure will change your life. Even better; when you travel with other people who share your interests you become part of a community that you can share experiences with online every day. Connecting with people in the real world then increases the value of those digital social interactions.

Who am I as an operator: Since 2013 I have managed software development for clients including Whole Foods, Capital One, IBM, Fox, National Geographic, and Amazon. In the years prior to software consulting; I worked for myself in new home construction wearing all the hats that come along with that, and then I spent many years in a small company doing new program & business development, vendor relations, hiring, and launching entirely new divisions. When I left that company I was director of photography and trainer for new sales/biz dev.

Who am I as a photographer: Since 2009 I have worked in various types of photography doing studio, commercial, travel, architecture, and publishing editorial and lifestyle stories and photos. In 2015 I began specializing in printing, exhibiting and selling photos. In 2017 I started leading international photography workshops. About the time I felt like I was good enough at the travel photography to make a living from it I got married and now have a couple of kids. Life changed and now I’m working on turning the corner with how I make money with my primary interests which are photography and cycling.

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