Author Susyn Reeve is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

Is it really possible to free your heart and mind of the emotional wounds of the past?

Are anger, pain, and suffering blocking you from the love and happiness your desire?

Whatever the cause of your heartbreak, it is never too early or too late to courageously forgive and let go.

In Heart Healing, author Susyn Reeve expertly guides you to put compassion and unconditional love into action in practical, easy, and lasting ways.

With the insight of someone who has walked the road from heartbreak to forgiveness to living a life she loves, Susyn invites you to heal the emotional wounds in your life.

Full of wisdom gained from decades of study with Joseph Campbell, Jean Houston, Robert Fritz, don Miguel Ruiz and her thousands of clients and students, Susyn’s book is a refreshingly honest and practical guide to living a life of contentment, connection, and long-overdue love.

This book is brimming with stories, proven exercises, and powerful affirmations to free you from any resentment and anger you are holding towards yourself or others.

Susyn does not gloss over life’s pain and struggles.

She shows how to use them as springboards to new open-hearted perspectives and possibilities, so you can readily feast on the magnificent gift of life.

What people are saying about Heart Healing:

Susyn Reeve’s latest work may be the most important read we’ll ever dive into. Heart Healing illuminates the hidden judgements that run our actions. The power of this book lies in proven practices to free ourselves to live in tandem with our deepest power.
Ryan Weiss, Life Coach and Creator of Waking Up With Ryan

Susyn Reeve is an amazing champion of finding ways to heal one’s heart. Experience fostered by paying attention to her own challenges and working at devising ways for others to read their own signs of hurts, Susyn brings new awareness on reconnecting with one’s own love within.

Eva Growney, Founder of Ensouled Hearts™

If you’re plagued by unresolved anger, grief, frustration, disappointment, Susyn has laid out the formula for the greatest healer of all…Forgiveness. This book will help to heal your wounds and give you the tools to step into your own power. And if you want to make a positive difference in this world, it’s essential to do this work.

Sharla Jacobs, CEO, Thrive Academy, author of The Art of Attracting Clients

About Susyn Reeve

Susyn Reeve is an award-winning author and renowned Heart Healing Coach. People turn to her in the throes of the pain of a closed or broken heart, yearning to free themselves from their misery and suffering in search of a guide who knows the territory and sees the path to light at the end of the tunnel – a life of passion and purpose grounded in Love.

Susyn’s lifes’ work has been in-formed by a question she wrote in her journal as a teen, What would the world be like if everyone Loved themselves? This has been her personal journey, as well as her work with thousands of clients whether in corporate executive settings, one-on-one Coaching Sessions, or group retreats.

In 2003, her first book, Choose Peace & Happiness: A 52-Week Guide was published and since then she had continued to write, The Inspired Life: Unleashing Your Mind’s Capacity for Joy, The Wholehearted Life: Big Changes and Greater Happiness Week by Week; Elevate Your Self-Esteem Now: Self-Esteem Activities that Work; and her newest book, Heart Healing: The Power of Forgiveness to Heal a Broken Heart.

Her 45-year career has included Corporate Consulting, Leadership Development, and Executive Coaching. Her clients have included, American Express, Mount Sinai, Medical Center, Exxon, New York University Medical Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. For nine years as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Management at New York University’s Management Institute she taught Group and Interpersonal Dynamics to Training and Development Professions in the New York Tri-State area.

In 2001 she was Ordained as an InterFaith Minister and is an in-demand speaker at Spiritual Centers coast-to-coast. In her role as a minister combined with her expertise as Corporate Consultant she has been asked to work with organizations in the wake of 911; downsizing or re-organizations; and the death of co-workers. In recent years she has lead workshops titled, Being a Leader and Creating Experiential Workshops that Work at InterFaith Seminary students and InterSpiritual Counseling students at One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York City.

As a voracious Life Long Learner she has studied and apprenticed with, Joseph Campbell, Jean Houston, Robert Fritz, and don Miguel Ruiz.

She was the co-host with Rikk Hansen of the popular podcasts, The On Purpose Show and ReInvention Success Stories. She is the co-creator of SelfEsteemExperts. Her popular blog, Heart Healing Wisdom is on her website (



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