Author Amy Mangan is Today’s Honoree

Sitting in her parked car in front of the lake, Amy Mangan watched as the sun sank and the water rippled, as if it were waving to invite her in. All she needed to do was put her car into drive and submerge into the darkness. She had gone for a ride to clear her head after a long day of fighting one battle after another. Clutching the steering wheel, she told herself she would be ok and that things would get better. She thought of her family, and all of the unsolicited pain they have been through. And the grief for the life she could never seem to adequately manage. She had no choice but to choose the only path right in front of her. She put the car in drive—and went home.

Now Amy Mangan is bravely breaking the silence on woman and depression. She’s speaking out about fighting dark thoughts and is available for interviews, commentary, articles, and to consider for a feature especially if you are scheduling content for National Depression Awareness Month in October.

Amy Mangan is a former magazine editor and writer for Better Homes & Gardens and Southern Living, who has learned that living a “picture-perfect” life isn’t sustainable. As a home and garden writer, Mangan perpetuated this ideal. She was writing about “picture-perfect” homes…without owning a home of her own. She details how she faced one serious crisis after another — including recession of 2008 losing both jobs in the household, serious health and marital struggles in her riveting and intimate memoir, This Side Up: The Road to a Renovated Life ,

“A crisis can make you feel isolated, let alone experiencing several at once,” shares Mangan. “I want people to know they are not alone, they will survive, that there is no shame in your life falling apart. There is nothing wrong with you. I hope my story will have special meaning for those who realize their lives aren’t going as they expected, yet remain open to responding to creative ways to make life-affirming changes.”

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