Author James Metz is Today’s Honoree

James Metz was helping his executor prepare his personal affairs when he realized that he wanted to share the importance of what he had learned throughout the process: the seriousness of planning for when we leave this earth, now.

In “Help Your Executor Before You Leave: The Book You Didn’t Know You Needed” Metz outlines specific instructions and details lists to enable readers to help their executors while they are still living.

Covering topics such as preparing a box of vital legal and financial documents to choosing an executor and outlining letters to loved ones, the book focuses on how preparing these documents before they are needed can help alleviate some of the concerns at the end of life.

Metz understands that preparing for the end of life can be stressful on anyone, but the more we prepare in advance, the less stress there will be on us and our loved ones near the end of our lives and after we pass.

“Thinking about and dealing with death is a difficult subject for many. Some may neglect the process that with just a little pre-planning can make life down the road — when things are in the thick of difficulty — much easier,” Metz said. “In reality, death could happen to us at any time, so being prepared in case the worst does happen can help our loved ones move forward with assurance.”

In “Help Your Executor Before You Leave,” readers can learn today what small steps they can take to help prepare for the inevitable so their loved ones can be eased during a difficult time.

About the Author

James Metz is a retired math teacher who wants to help others in the process of putting their affairs in order before leaving this earth. “Help Your Executor Before You Leave” is his first book.

Visit Archway Publishing Online Bookstore and Amazon for more information.

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