Coach Merideth Bisiker is Today’s Honoree

Merideth Bisiker, B.A., is a Certified Holistic Life Coach (Radiant Coaches Academy) and Certified Money Coach (CMC)® (Money Coaching Institute) who helps men and women create healthy relationships with money. She’s also the Director of Education and Technology with Radiant Coaches Academy.

Merideth uses a holistic and traditional life coaching method to help her clients move toward the future they want. She also leans on 24 years of experience working in banking and finance to provide her clients with resources and tools for their finances.

Merideth lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and raises her pre-teen daughter and younger daughter with high-functioning autism and ADHD with her husband of decades. She loves to escape into the forest to refresh, and she balances her work with singing in a classic rock cover band.

Visit for more information.

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