Artistik Approach Member and Artistik Lounge Co-Founder Eso Tolson is Today’s Honoree

Eso Tolson is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in Memphis, TN. He specializes in hand-lettering for branding, editorial, and commercial projects. As principal and creative director at Memphis based design agency Cheers Creative, he also builds brand visuals and websites for creative professionals and social causes. As an artist, Eso lends his hand lettering style to commissioned projects for clients including Downtown Memphis Commission, Story Gatherings Conference, Teach For America, and social activist/comedian Franchesca Ramsey.

As a lover of community, pop culture, and inner city life, he uses type to cultivate city pride and promote positive social messages. In 2015, he created the campaign “Embrace Your Inner Memphis” which focuses on inspiring a sense of pride for the city of Memphis, TN. The campaign has been adopted locally as a connecting theme by community members, leaders and visiting celebrities. It has also succeeded in having a global reach to Memphians across the country and as far away as Sydney, Jerusalem and Singapore.

Eso has been awarded an Artist Residency at Memphis Slimhouse Collaboratory, a community art and music space. He was also invited to be one of the founding Artists In Residence at Crosstown Arts and Concourse, a 1 million+ square foot development designed to integrate the arts, business and residential sectors of Memphis, TN. These residencies have yielded numerous exhibitions, workshops and artist talks.

The creative light inside stays alive in the world of Eso as he Co-Founded  a monthly musical showcase called Artistik Lounge along with being one half of Artistik Approach, an a cappella musical duo. The gift of Eso keeps on giving  as he launched a city pride campaign called Embrace Your Inner Memphis based on one of his hand-lettered pieces.

Eso graduated from Memphis College of Art with an emphasis in Design Arts and is passionate about music, good typography, and wine.

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