Fit Money Author and Financial Advisor Julia Carlson is Today’s Honoree

Julia Carlson is a celebrated Financial Advisor and has been named by Forbes as one of the Best-In-State Wealth Advisors in America. Her book, “Fit Money”, is dedicated to helping readers find peace of mind and pursue financial freedom. After devoting her time to getting in shape, Julia found that the same focus she had applied to her fitness training could be applied in other aspects of her life. Through her book, she walks her readers through seven steps that guide them through the journey of becoming financially fit.

Fit Money: 7 Steps to Get Your Financial Life in Shape, reviews real-life examples in an approachable style to explain how these steps help take the fear out of finances, empower readers to act, and inspire them to pursue financial freedom. The seven steps outlined in Julia’s book include Desire, Determination and Discipline; Healthy Money Mindset; Relationships and Money; Proper Protection; Fit Money Navigator; Overcome the Debt Binge; and Plan and Invest for the Future.

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