Vantage Network Co – Founder Jeff Hood is Today’s Honoree

Jeff has spent over 18 years in outsourcing and consulting, focusing specifically on offshore outsourcing. He has held sales and leadership roles in companies such as HCL Technologies, Zensar and GSS Infotec, and has experience in building and managing global sales forces across multiple continents and countries.

Jeff specializes in providing strategic and technical consulting services to organizations seeking “value-added” solutions for their business initiatives leveraging offshore delivery engines.

How Advantage Network Works:

A contributor makes a donation via credit card to a nonprofit organization using the Vantage Network.

The contributor receives a tracking ID associated with their donation that they can use to track how their donation is spent by the nonprofit organization, similar to tracking a package.

The nonprofit organization receives the donation in its Vantage Account and spends the donation via the Vantage Mobile Pay app.

Every purchase they make using the donation is tracked on the Vantage Network using the NEM Blockchain.

The contributor enters their tracking ID on the Vantage Network Portal to see all transactions tied to their donation and gets a report of overall campaign fund usage.

Visit for more information.

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