SEO Tool Lab Founder Ted Kubaitis is Today’s Honoree

Ted Kubaitis has over 20 years of web development experience and over 17 years of SEO and online marketing experience. Ted created SEO Tool Lab and engineered Cora SEO Software which is used by hundreds of marketing agencies world-wide to conduct data driven SEO. Cora SEO Software automatically measures over 520 on-page and off-page SEO factors for your keywords and tells you exactly how your SEO tuning is deficient to your higher ranking competitors.

Ted has worked at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Microsoft, and more. Ted has a patent on web crawling technology. Ted’s past startups have provided critical information to many Fortune 500 companies in dozens of different industries.

About SEO Tool Lab:

The SEO Tool Lab was created to develop new cutting edge SEO software unlike anything the market has seen before. We believe in providing very practical tools that deliver huge advantage in SEO. The output from our tools is highly actionable and can deliver amazing results.

The SEO Tool Lab plans to develop tools that will keep you ahead in the SEO arms race. By using scientific methods, empirical measurements, statistical correlation we can keep you focused on the work that matters and help you avoid the work that doesn’t.

Our premium tools are intended for marketing firms and professionals that are trying to differentiate themsleves from mainstream SEO snake oil. By backing your recommendations with empirically measured data you are putting your business in a whole different league above the rest. By delivering recommendations that stand the best chance to make a meaningful difference you will further separate your business ahead of the rest.

Visit for more information.

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