Flaca Forever Creator Maru Davila is Today’s Honoree

Maru Davila is the creator of Flaca Forever, a permanent weight loss program which rejuvenates lives through a three-step process: Flaca Detox, Flaca Get Lean, and Flaca Stay Lean. The system eliminates harmful toxins in the body, support fat loss, optimal body composition, and healthy weight management through safe plant based, comprehensive, science based nutritional programs. Sugar cravings, lethargy, and depression are targeted by Flace Forever, leaving a client with a higher level of focus, energy, and self-image.

The program was founded because Davila’s personal battles with depression and eating disorders during her time in America caused her to question her lifestyle. As a girl in Mexico, she had never struggled with weight. The largest difference between childhood and adulthood was her diet. Davila began to evaluate Mexican Food to understand its health benefits. She found that many of the natural ingredients combat toxins and inflammation. She decided to create Flaca Forever, on the basis that Mexican Food could help her Get Lean and Stay Lean.

The Mexican Food Diet is flavorful and highly satisfying, which increases the likelihood of maintaining the regimen and avoiding cheat days. It is loaded with ingredients that fight inflammation and help the detoxification and elimination systems, preventing fat accumulation, sickness, and depression. It is very nutritious, it helps boost metabolism, and it is formed of her family’s traditional recipes, modified for maximum health benefits.

Visit http://flacaforever.com/ for more information.

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