Intellectulaw Founder Betty Tufariello is Today’s Honoree

Betty Tufariello, founder of Intellectulaw, helps business owners and entrepreneurs follow their dreams and build a secure future by registering trademarks, securing patents and leveraging their intellectual property.

Betty is an American licensed attorney who has been practicing for over 20 years. She started her career working in the pharmaceutical industry as the managing director of a chemistry laboratory for Allergen Optical. While working in this industry, Betty became fascinated with the combination of science, technology, and business. She decided to focus that fascination into learning about intellectual property law.

Betty attended Hofstra Law School and apprenticed at a law firm to gain practice in the federal courts and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Upon graduating, she became a partner at one of the oldest intellectual property law firms on Long Island. In 2003, she launched her own law firm, Intellectulaw.

Intellectulaw™ is a strategic partner adept at helping clients achieve their personal goals of more income, better quality of life, and peace of mind through the proper management of their intellectual property, litigation, and commercial transactions. Betty’s business acumen and global alliances enable her to add value to her clients’ interests across the board and she brings much more than IP law experience to the table. She works with CEO’s and company owners to establish near-, mid-, and long-term business objectives and a plan to achieve them at each step. Unlike other firms Intellectulaw doesn’t operate against a billable hours quota–their priority is to partner in achieving their clients’ business and financial goals.

Betty’s combined experience in the areas of science, the corporate world, and law allow her clients to reap measurable results. She has successfully litigated against Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Sketchers, and other high-profile companies. In her free time, Betty enjoys learning new languages. Besides English, she speaks fluent Greek, Italian, and French and is currently learning Spanish.

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