Armoured One Co-Founder/CEO Tom Czyz is Today’s Honoree

Tom is a SWAT Team Operator and former Homicide Detective who is a father of 6 and husband to a city high school teacher. He began Armoured One because he realized after the Sandy Hook attack in 2012 that he could not keep his own kids safe while they were at school. Tom put together the best active shooter experts he could find from SWAT Team members, elite Military personnel, and Federal Agents to ensure he was creating a company that could do it right. Armoured One has former FBI active shooter profilers, Homeland Security active shooter subject matter experts, Navy Seals, Delta Force and Secret Service Agents who help create programs that are overseen by school teachers that make sure the instruction is taught in a way that is received the best. Armoured One sends investigators to school active shooter attacks, like the one in Parkland Florida, to reinvestigate the scene to make sure that the training and recommendations being made by Armoured One are working. Armoured One’s active shooter training has been taught to tens of thousands of school staff members across the nation and is received at over a 97% rating of excellent. Armoured One’s training and products have been proven to work in an real active shooter school attack where no lives were lost.

Tom is a SWAT Team Operator, Police Academy Instructor, NYS DCJS Firearms Instructor, Rifle Instructor, Less Lethal Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, DARE I&II Instructor Certified, Instructor Development Certified, Police Crime Scene and Evidence Specialist Course Certified, Chemical Munitions Instructor, General Topics Instructor, Woodland Tactics Certified, Critical Incident Management Certified, National Incident Management System Certified, Interdiction for Terrorism Course Certified, Explosive Response to Terrorism Bombings Certified, Field Training Officer. Tom has over 17 years as a police officer and is still currently working as a Deputy in NYS and is on SWAT. Tom has had years of experience in high stress and high-risk emergency situations.

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