Author and The F.A.A.B Foundation Founder Michele “Mimi” Evans is Today’s Honoree

Michele “Mimi” Evans hails from Washington, DC. She is a married mother who had a vision to start a non-profit organization that would focus on issues effecting today’s youth. As a child, Mimi suffered abuse and bullying both at home and in school. Mimi was bullied from elementary school until her freshmen year of high school practically by the same group of girls.

At home, Mimi suffered verbal, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her father from the ages of 9 -14. Domestic violence between her parents and siblings was also an everyday occurrence.  After being removed from her home and placed in a group home, and eventually two foster homes, she suffered from severe depression. Mimi attempted suicide four times between the ages of 14 and 16. Mimi knew that there are other youth that are currently dealing with situations like hers, however, with the dawn of social media, Mimi saw firsthand how the internet was a new and anonymous way for bullies to attack their victims.

With prayer and the encouragement of family and friends, Mimi started The F.A.A.B Foundation (Fighting Against Abuse & Bullying) to help youth that may be experiencing some of these life-altering issues by providing them with the tools she did not have, to share her strength, and offer hope, encouragement and solutions to children, youth and parents.

About The Book:

“I Am a Survivor: Stories of Tragedy & Triumph is a powerful book encompassing the stories of several empowered women who have survived many forms of abuse who have overcome to thrive and now share their stories with the world. As we gain healing from telling our truths, we hope for healing and strength to those who read them.”

Seven abuse survivor’s tell their stories of tragedy and how they overcame to walk into triumph; healing themselves as they seek to heal and help others.

For more information please visit or

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