Author Raffy Boudjikanian is Today’s Honoree

About the Book:

In this era of ethnic and religious wars, mass displacements, and forced migrations, it’s important to look at the short and long-term effects of such geographic and cultural traumas. In JOURNEY THROUGH GENOCIDE: Stories of Survivors and the Dead CBC national reporter Raffy Boudjikanian looks at three humanitarian crises: Darfuri refugee camps in Chad, Kigali in Rwanda, and the ruins of ancient villages in Turkey, which a century ago were part of Armenia.

Boudjikanian interviewed refugees, survivors, and descendants of survivors. In Chad he meets families displaced by massacres in the Darfur region of neighboring Sudan, their ordeal still raw. In Rwanda, much of the displaced population is now struggling with justice and reconciliation. And in Turkey, the author explores what it means to still be afraid a century after his own ancestors were caught in the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Boudjikanian recounts these as well as his own views and experiences, resulting in a personal and compassionate essay exploring the effects of genocide on a population as well as the lingering effects of it on future generations.

About the Author:

RAFFY BOUDJIKANIAN is a journalist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, covering national and international affairs. He is currently based in Edmonton and has worked as a journalist in a number of places around the world, from Central America to France to Montreal. He is of Armenian descent and was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in the middle of that country’s Civil War. Raffy’s family moved to Montreal when he was seven and he graduated from Concordia University in journalism and political science.

At four years old, Raffy learned about the 1915 Armenian Genocide, where some of his ancestors were killed while others were exiled. This awakened his interest in international affairs and conflicts, which he continues to report on today. In 2006, he traveled to Nicaragua to cover its presidential election as a freelance journalist. In 2012, Raffy went to Chad, Rwanda and Turkey to meet genocide survivors and hear their stories first-hand in order to understand the direct impact of crimes against humanity on their lives. Journey through Genocide: Stories of Survivors and the Dead is the result of that trip.

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