Author Lea Ann Vandygriff is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

A North Texas author has released the first book in her debut young adult fiction series that, from the perspective of a teenage girl, follows the story of a small southern town and its residents as they navigate a series of spiritually and psychologically challenging adversities.

In “Seasons: Once Upon My Innocence,” by Lea Ann Vandygriff, protagonist Aubree must come to terms with her faith in God after her hometown of Rhinehart is devastated by a powerful and unprecedented storm. As the town attempts to rebuild in the wake of disaster, other local teens struggle through metaphorical storms of addiction, violence and death.

“My hope is that, in ‘Seasons,’ readers can learn to accept, forgive and find comfort in the strength God provides as they unravel the story of a young girl’s journey through innocence lost,” Vandygriff said. “Ultimately, I want to show others that the seasons in our lives shape us into the person God needs us to be to motivate, encourage and inspire others.”

Through her book, Vandygriff explores the question, “Where is God?” when difficult times strike and teaches readers how they can always keep their eyes fixed on Him as He leads them through life’s most tempestuous moments.

About the Author:

Lea Ann Vandygriff holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and previously worked alongside her husband at their law firm for 26 years. After facing numerous personal obstacles, including the death of her husband and her daughter’s diagnosis with a rare and chronic medical condition, Vandygriff felt called by God to write. She currently resides in the Dallas area.

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