Totally Kids Rehabilitation Hospital CEO Doug Padgett is Today’s Honoree

Few non-physicians have impacted the field of pediatric rehabilitation as profoundly as has Doug Padgett, chief executive officer and co-owner of Totally Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Southern California. As one of the nation’s pioneers in providing personalized habitation and rehabilitation services for children with developmental needs, Totally Kids today stands as a model for what it takes to inspire medically fragile children to attain their greatest potential and highest possible level of independence – physically, mentally and socially.

Doug earned his bachelor’s degree in organizational behavior from the University of San Francisco. He brought to Totally Kids a background in subacute care for seniors and leveraged that knowledge to bring about regulatory changes that addressed the medical needs of children. In working with State of California Department of Health officials and state legislators, Doug helped lead the fight for pediatric subacute clinical and rate-setting regulations – as well as education, safety climate and research – that paved the way for excellence in pediatric rehab care.

Since 1971 Totally Kids has served children with a heart-driven passion and was the first in the state of California to contract with Medi-Cal for pediatric subacute care. Through innovation and enhancements, it continues to serve as a national prototype for the delivery of specialized and individualized care and, as a result, has gained widespread recognition within the medical and scientific communities.

With that as a foundation, and under Doug’s leadership, Totally Kids has systematically expanded its portfolio to include a full array of resources that serve children who are recovering from physical trauma or surgery, or have suffered catastrophic illness, and those dependent on technology. Today, in addition to pediatric subacute care, Totally Kids offers highly acclaimed and proven-effective programs in acute pediatric rehabilitation (both inpatient and outpatient), pediatric day health and residential intermediate care.

Just as Totally Kids blazed new trails in subacute care for children, Doug and his team continue to find new ways to approach acute pediatric rehabilitation. As a result, children at Totally Kids are achieving better outcomes and seeing clinical improvement in far less time than historical expectations. Totally Kids is accomplishing this by focusing on each child’s unique developmental needs and is complementing its caring staff with the smart use of such cutting-edge technologies in pediatric rehabilitation such as EKSO Bionic Exoskeleton, virtual reality and biofeedback.

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