Nigerian Singer/Songwriter MARENIKAE is Today’s Honoree

With a name as iconic as the culture she represents, MARENIKAE is the embodiment of West African pride and culture, fused with the glamour and sophistication of old Hollywood.The statuesque Nigerian singer/songwriter is beyond multi-talented with current projects ranging from music, to art to fashion. When asked how she manages to juggle multiple pursuits she suggests never being told she was limited.

MARENIKAE grew up in Nigeria and recalls writing songs and poetry as early as age fourteen. Her approach to songwriting stemmed from a fascination with spoken word and attending numerous poetry and writing workshops. MARENIKAE credits listening to great orators as the key to perfecting her songwriting skills. She discovered the melodic timing in spoken word resembled her natural writing style and translated to the melodies she discovered in song.

Growing up MARENIKAE was exposed to various types of music and cites a myriad of artists as influences; from Nigerian artists like 9ice, styl-plus, Dare Art-Alade,fela and plantashun boys all the way to the Backstreet Boys, Freddie Mercury, Daughtry, Dwele and Raheem Devaughn. Throughout her teen years she worked to create a signature sound relying heavily on neo-soul and afro-pop music..The end result is AFROMERGE a perfect blend of her beloved Nigerian Rhythms and neo soul with electronic and AC nuances throughout laced with a whole lot of attitude.

In an effort to distribute her own music and to assist other artists like herself, MARENIKAE founded “The Zuchia Nexus” an independent label geared towards becoming a meeting place for international producers, songwriters and artists to support each other while exchanging ideas and cross promoting.

As if being the flagship artist on her own label wasn’t enough, MARENIKAE also started a fashion line entitled, MAKAN GID’N. The urban line focuses on luxe
African wear with an urban twist. Much like its founder, MAKAN GID’N is a blend of West African culture meshed with urban streetwear. For MARENIKAE, MAKAN GID’N was her way of creating memorable costuming for her performances. The line represented her music perfectly and allowed her to create an atmosphere that would entertain and educate fans about her native homeland.

Today MARENIKAE is planning for the release of her debut album, titled AJEBUTTER (worthy of its own Afro-womanist socio-political conversation). She plans to return home to Nigeria for an additional press tour for the album.  She is looking to increase her fan base and find additional opportunities for “The Zuchia Nexus”. After debuting her MAKAN GID’N fall line in 2016 Ragtrade Atlanta, MARENIKAE is looking forward to introducing fashionistas across the country to a line that connects her heartland with the homeland.

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