Beauty Resides In My Image Founder Robin Barnes is Today’s Honoree

I would like to share with you the vision of how BRimi got started. Let me first start off by saying this vision came from God.

The story…

It all started when I was driving on 285, a highway in Atlanta, Georgia. I travel this highway five days a week. One day in 2006, I called my best friend and was talking with her on the phone about many things, but this day I brought up the subject about giving back. I said, “we go to work everyday for years, then one day it hits you, that you must give back.”

We’ve all been afforded a great life, with different journeys of change and challenges, but I felt like I had something to now offer, whether it was inspiring someone to be better, stronger, or kinder. I knew I had something. It was during that conversation, I realized I wanted to do something for girls. I’d noticed a change in how some girls were carrying themselves, as if their self-confidence was in jeopardy.

From that moment, my mind was thinking about what to do and how to do it. I initially thought about a name. With much thought, I started with different letters, but wanted “beauty” to be the focus of it, but ensuring that girls understood that the beauty I was speaking of referred to their OWN beauty (inside and out). After much thought and toiling, God sent me the name BRIMI (Beauty Resides In My Image). When this was given to me, I knew what it meant and that I needed to spread the word to girls and express to them that beauty does reside in their OWN image.

I told God that I could handle this mission, because I truly believed in the message and understood what he wanted me to do. He explained to me that my sole mission was to remind girls that they were made in the image that he created and not to second guess that.

To fast forward this story to 2013, I gathered a team together and thus BRimi was born. Although the vision was sent to me in 2006, I know now that I had more growing to do in preparation for this mission. I had to see the team I needed to work with revealed to me. I am clear that now is the time to share the BRIMI message with the world.

I want to “thank you” for taking the time to read this message and I hope you support BRimi too.

Visit for more information.

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