Attorney Peter Ticktin is Today’s Honoree

Peter Ticktin is a brilliant attorney whose background is in science. While in college, he saw validity  in the Global Warming theory and soon was convinced it was true long before it became a common belief.  In 1974 at age 29, he gave up his then law practice, bought a farm and embarked on a 10-year study on climate, its adverse effects on our planet, and ways to address them. Eventually he became an expert in the fields (literally). In 2009, he started The Global Warming Foundation, not to preach, but to inform those already accepting of the threat.  He went on to launch his own highly-successful law firm, The Ticktin Law Group. Lately he has returned to educating the public about global warming in his insightful blog, “What’s Tickin’, America?”

In it Ticktin goes well beyond  other “experts” on Climate Change, advising  we’re past the tipping point, so it’s more important to prosper and rebuild an infrastructure suitable for the new climate reality. He proposes  we rely on solutions other than simply reducing carbon emissions.  He maintains that ironically the Trump Administration has the right answers to confront this global threat, a booming economy, which will  enable America to do what  must be done to confront its most severe effects.

Visit for more information.

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