DeadSoxy CEO Jason Simmons is Today’s Honoree

CEO of DeadSoxy, Jason Simmons, combined good looks with the simple, farm-grown aesthetic of function and durability to create the perfect sock brand.

In rural Mississippi, the closest Jason Simmons came to the clothing industry was wrestling with his brothers in a trailer of cotton while his dad’s tractor towed them to the gin. On his farm, “fashion” meant function and durability: A pair of jeans that would last more than one season and boots that didn’t give you blisters.

But when he handed over his Wranglers for that first pair of designer jeans, Jason’s fashion obsession began. As his wardrobe grew, along with his appreciation for exquisite look, fit and feel, socks were a constant disappointment.

Jason’s hardworking roots and desire to fix things that were “broken” led his passion to reinvent this underrated apparel.

In 2015, Dallas-based company DeadSoxy was born to combine good looks with that simple, farm-grown aesthetic of function and durability – because designer socks that shrink, fade, or droop aren’t a good investment.

Since its inception, this high quality brand and its CEO have taken the fashion industry by storm. DeadSoxy was named the #5 start up in Dallas, Jason was ranked #2 on the up and coming fashion designer list in Texas and Simmons was also nominated for designer of the year in 2017.

“My work is my passion, and my competitive urge to win your loyalty drives me to make the best socks, so you can make the best impression. There is no greater joy than to take a risk, put your heart and soul into it, and have people like/love what you’ve created” says Simmons.

DeadSoxy is changing the foot game one step at a time!


Jason Simmons is the innovative CEO & founder of DeadSoxy. He refused to accept that traditional sock-manufacturing was the best that can be done. He took his time to understand every aspect of sock production and recreated what is now the perfect high-performance sock. The company officially launched in May of 2015 and in the first 2 years sold over 120,000 pairs of socks all over the world. The brand is currently sold in 62 select specialty stores in the US, Canada, UK, and New Zealand.

Recently, DeadSoxy was ranked #5 among Dallas startups and Simmons was named #2 on the up and coming fashion designers in Texas list. Simmons was also nominated for designer of the year.

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