CBC The Goods Co Host and Author Andrea Bain is Today’s Honoree

Dating in the twenty-first century is nothing like it was 50 years or so ago and in today’s society there is simply no right or wrong way to be single. Enter co-host of Canada’s award-winning, national talk show The Goods ANDREA BAIN to share her fresh, insightful, and humorous voice to spill the beans on single life.

Andrea is everyone’s favorite BFF who doesn’t mince words and lays it all out on the line. She believes the time has come to celebrate the joys and the benefits of being single. To be clear, Andrea doesn’t look down on relationships or traditional marriage, but instead focuses on the positive experience of being single as well as some of the things women can do during that period to better prepare for a healthy relationship.

From The Book:

Single Girl Problems is a book that looks to change the narrative about what it means to be a single woman in the twenty-first century. We are driving the real estate market, running Fortune 500 companies, and having premarital sex. According to New York Magazine, single women are the most potent political force and are transforming American politics, so why are we still being treated like “spinsters” of the 1950s?

Getting married is still seen as a woman’s biggest accomplishment ― second only to becoming a mother. Single Girl Problems will help you see single life as an important journey to figure out who you are and what you want. If I achieve nothing else, I hope this book will reveal a more accurate picture of what it means to be single, help break down what’s going on, and hopefully take a bit of the edge off. It’s time to turn the page on the single woman’s storyline.

Visit https://twitter.com/AndreaMBain for more information.


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