Nuts and Bolts Media Founder Andrea Whitmer is Today’s Honoree

My name is Andrea Whitmer, and I’m the owner of Nuts and Bolts Media, a web development agency providing services for designers. When I’m not glued to a code editor, I love reading articles related to technology, WordPress, and the Genesis framework. My only problem is finding time to look through all my RSS subscriptions, or wondering, What was that article someone tweeted yesterday?

About the site

This site exists for three reasons:

(1) I wanted a place to keep up with Genesis/WordPress related news. Yes, I know how RSS works, but I subscribe to a lot of blogs in several different niches. I kept thinking it would be awesome to have a way to access the latest Genesis tutorials or articles without hunting them down on social media or in my RSS reader.

(2) I decided other people should be able to get this information if they want it. You can come here, or you can subscribe if you want to get all the headlines sent to your email once a day. That way the community can benefit from this resource as well.

(3) I had this cool domain and I really wanted to use it for something. Yeah, that’s pretty much the main reason this is now a thing.

But isn’t this stealing?

Nope. This site is set up to pull headlines from the RSS feeds of other sites related to Genesis, WordPress, and/or freelancing. Every link is nofollow, every post redirects straight to the original, and every link uses a canonical tag. I set this up to help the other sites with their traffic, not take it away from them.

Want to build something similar? I have a tutorial here that explains exactly how I set up The Daily Bolt to aggregate posts from other sites.

If I’m using headlines from your posts and you don’t like it, please contact me and we’ll talk. It’s definitely not my intention to ruffle feathers – I just like nerdy things that make my life easier. 🙂

Visit for more information.

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