A History With God Minister and Podcast Host Frank Sasso is Today’s Honoree

Frank Sasso was raised catholic and remembers going to the local billiard hall on Sundays to play video games with his brother when they were supposed to be at church.

They would go to church, get the bulletin, and leave. Frank would memorize the first few paragraphs of the topic for that week just in case he was quizzed when he got home from“church”.

It wasn’t until 1996, at an Amway meeting, (of all things) with his wife, Christina, that Frank would give his life to Jesus Christ from an altar given at the meeting.

Since then, Frank has grown, more and more, into his calling as a prophet of God as well as a husband, a teacher, a lover of people, and a friend and most of all, the Righteousness of God.  Frank, Christina and the board are currently planting a church in Trenton, NJ (Abiding Presence Church) with the help of Pastor Larry and Yvonne Clark, Prophet Terrence and Linda Clark, and the Family Life Christian Fellowship Church in Glassboro, NJ.

His purpose is to “…Make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and teaching people to obey everything Jesus has commanded them.”

Visit http://www.ahistorywithgod.org/franksasso.html for more information.

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1 Response to A History With God Minister and Podcast Host Frank Sasso is Today’s Honoree

  1. Donna Messer says:

    I’m proud of you Frank and Christina. I’m honoured to be a partner of A History With God Ministry.

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