Author Dahlia McCutchen is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

WHO would have known that Tupac Shakur and I would meet again but under completely different circumstances. Those circumstances would lead to an apology and a life filled with entertainment and music. I couldn’t believe that what was once an abrasive encounter, ended up being an endearing moment of truth. He went from disrespecting me to becoming someone that I could confide in and release my pain to. I will NEVER forget the one conversation that led to our amazing connection, friendship and relationship.


Author, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Mother and Survivalist Dahlia E. McCutchen was born in south Philadelphia, PA., She is the former CEO/Editor of her own entertainment blog which she had for over 12 years, Drama Scene Magazine. McCutchen lives life on her own terms now as the proud mother of two beautiful children who motivate her to make a positive change in the world. Dahlia E. McCutchen currently resides in Houston, Tx., with her two children where she is completing her bachelor’s in Behavior Analysis (child & adolescent psychology), she is an entrepreneur running her own company, and is currently writing books in her spare time.

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