Tennessee State Representative Brenda Gilmore is Today’s Honoree

By Deborah A. Culp

The Honorable Brenda Gilmore Making Headlines and Touching Lives & Hearts

The honorable Brenda Gilmore is a proud and experienced Democratic member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, representing the 54th District. She served on the Nashville Metro Council from the 1st District from 1993-2003. Public service, beauty, humility and spiritual continuity run in the family. Her daughter, (Honorable Councilwoman) Erica Gilmore, is a member of the Nashville Metro Council from the 19th district. A distinguished Nashville Councilwoman at large, during the 2003-2007 session; she was the chairwoman of the Budget and Finance Committee.

Representative Gilmore holds a Bachelor of Science in Business degree from Tennessee State University (1984), and a Master of Human Resource Development degree from Vanderbilt University  (1988). She is also a graduate of the Tennessee Government Executive Institute, the Vanderbilt Leadership Development Forum, and Leadership Nashville.

Her work and service record is extensive including but not limited to her work at the Tennessee Department of General Services (1979-1987). Director of Mail Services at Vanderbilt University and has been director of State Postal Services.

Earlier she announced her candidacy to run for Senator of the Mid-State and many agree that a great percentage of her qualifications stem from seamless service. Service to God, family the people in her immediate grasp and at large.

This great lady walks the walk, not just talks the talk in every area she touches. She is often seen adorned in the colors of Red or the rich electric Blue (known as TSU blue), with or without an amazing hat atop her beautiful crown.  Be it a political endeavor a gathering of her Red Hat Society (sisters), the National Hook Up of Black Women (NHBW) a TSU event, reading to children at anyone of Nashville’s public libraries, a fun-raising Fish Fry, supporting her talented granddaughter Anyah or out on the town with her supportive, handsome husband of 45 years, Mr. Harry (Gilly) Gilmore; lady Brenda Gilmore is always the epitome of grace and God’s handi-work of cultivation. She is involved with a myriad of activities which stem from her organization or agencies and manages to divide her time evenly between them. Yet another key example of her “leading by example.”

When she is not visiting or serving at other churches in Nashville or beyond, she is at her home church, Mt. Zion Baptist Church (Mt. Zion Anywhere) Presiding Bishop Joseph W. Walker III, First Lady Dr. Stephanie M. (Hale) Walker.

“Now more than ever we need leaders with a longstanding record of giving back, listening and responding to constituents’ concerns,” Gilmore said. “I go to work every day and listen to the concerns and frustrations of our citizens. I have been blessed with the opportunity to actually respond and make a real difference. It would be my honor to continue giving back to this community,” stated lady Gilmore.

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