The Hustle Show Podcast Host Christian Arriola is Today’s Honoree

My entrepreneurial story began when I discovered that you could buy things for cheap and resell them for 10x… That’s how I started selling ice sticks when I was 8 years old in my neighborhood.

I remember buying those ice sticks for $.05 cents a piece and selling them for a full $1! Believe it or not, I would sell anywhere from $40-$80 dlls in a single day. (Might not sound much to you, but for an 8 year old was definitely A FORTUNE!)

After that, I’ve been jumping from business to business, tried all different industries I could, tested products in different niches, all trying to find what would really make me happy.

After selling cupcakes, cellphones, computers, lingerie, and so many other things I came to a realization…

The only thing that makes me happy is starting new projects and inspiring others to do the same!

I’ve come to a realization that all the people that ever told me “money does not buy you happiness” were right! (Although I rather cry in a Mercedez than on the streets) This phrase has a very profound meaning to me, at least it does now!


For many years, I’ve been focusing on how to generate more money. All my decisions have been based on increasing my income no matter what. However, I now feel I took the wrong approach to success…

After a crazy 18-hr drive on a solo adventure road trip I did recently, I came to realize that there was a much easier and better way for me to succeed: To do what makes me happy and stop chasing the money, as money WILL CHASE ME! The result of this trip and of all the hours I meditated while looking at The Golden Bridge is me creating The Hustle Show.

First of all, I started this show because I love being in camera (Whether you think I’m good or not doing it, I don’t really care!). I love creating adventures and recording them to share them with you. I love meeting other passionate entrepreneurs like me, who share similar passions and hunger to succeed.

This show makes me happy and gives me the inner peace I’ve been looking for 27 years.

Visit for more information.

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