The Gratitude Podcast Host Georgian Benta is Today’s Honoree

Hi, I’m Georgian! I’m not a grateful person. Well, at least not all of the time…

You see, there are people that are naturally grateful, positive, outgoing and I’m happy that they are, but they are few.

Most of us have to make a conscious effort to be grateful, we need an experience or some contrasting story that we hear about to remind us that we can be grateful and that we really should be.

My goal with this project is to inspire those that find it harder to be grateful, to choose to live a life filled with gratefulness or at least to get a boost of this amazing feeling when things don’t seem to go the right way.


Well, in my own experience, I’ve discovered that it’s not the material things that make us happy, but it’s our attitude towards them, how much we appreciate things.

It’s the same with relationships. If we’re grateful for the people in our lives, they bring us lots of joy and happiness, but if we’re always complaining about them (I know we both have enough reasons to complain about people), well, that will only make us more bitter.

Also, I’m based in Romania, but most of my listeners live in the States, Australia, Canada and UK. I live in a country that has the second highest emigration percentage in the world (17% in the last 15 years), and the first one is Syria. You could say that people don’t like it here much and being grateful here compared to other countries can be a challenge. This being said, I want to bring perspective for people listening to the podcast. I want to inspire them to see that if I’m able to find gratitude here, for them, it can be a much easier task.

The Gratitude Podcast (one of the “Top 10 Positive Thinking Podcasts”) is meant to be your weekly source of inspiration & motivation (make sure you SUBSCRIBE), to lift you up when you feel down, to help you find new ways of making gratitude a habit, so your life is filled with more and more reasons to be grateful and happy. “It’s not happiness that makes us grateful; it’s gratefulness that makes us happy.” – David Steindl-Rast Gratitude is the one thing that helped me most in my life from all the personal development and spiritual practices that I did and that’s why I want to inspire 100.000 people to discover how to feel grateful more often and live a happy life. I do this by interviewing inspiring people and getting them to share fascinating motivational stories about how gratitude has helped them get to where they are now, what they did when it was hard to feel grateful and what they do as self development practices to be grateful consistently for a beautiful life.

Visit for more information.

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