Jamal “JaeFriz” Dotson aka “The Father of Rappino” is Today’s Honoree

By Deborah A. Culp

Who is Jamal “JaeFriz” Dotson, where did he come from and what on earth is Rappino?

Music lovers seeking a fresh face and innovative sound can check JaeFriz out around Nashville and beyond. He hails from Birmingham, Alabama and is a graduate of Hueytown High School. He recently earned a B.S. degree in Commercial Music Technology, from Tennessee State University (TSU).  This type of degree stems primarily from Commercial Music program at TSU. It is first and foremost Bachelor of Science music degree in Music with a Concentration in Commercial Music Technology.

Jaefrizz wears many productive hats, but always keeps God first.  He has performed in a various places throughout Nashville, TN and beyond. Each event or assignment has been different or unique in its category. This sought after; handsome young man is well spoken and very grounded.

Jamal “JaeFriz” Dotson has accomplished many great things at a young age and one that is slated to be the topic for years to come.  He is the only “Father of Rappino” the latter word and music category was derived from the combination of two words: Rap and Piano. Known to many as just JaeFriz (or even the Friz-Master) Jamal is a professionally trained accomplished musician (Piano and Saxophone)  Dabbling in Rap Music helped JaeFriz to define his craft and heighten his talent. He believes that it was time to further explore and to launch this genre of music into the entertainment industry.

JaeFriz worked closely with his management and publicity team for a soft launch. Shortly afterwards a harder launch was decided on.   Plans have come together to announce his new album; “Creation”, featuring the songs “Through the Stars” and “Apology.” Apology is song that utilizes mixed assets of a two person relationship and some issues touched in the relationship.

He is an easy going, likeable hard working young professional, who is also quite talented. Spend any amount of time with him and his humble spirit of gratitude can become contagious. When asked where he draws his inspiration and influences from, JaeFriz says that some of the influences stem from talented artist such as, “Drake”, “Kenny G” and “Aaron Zigman.”

He upholds his core priorities daily and hopes to continue being a positive influence to others as the aforementioned Musicians, and others have been to him.

JaeFriz stays in touch with his followers via Social Media:

Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/jaefriz and Twitter:  @Jaefrizmusic 


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