Care N’ Care Director of Clinical Pharmacy Dr. Shane Greene is Today’s Honoree

Helping patients get optimum care has long been the mission of physicians and nurses. But Shane Greene, Pharm. D., believes that clinical pharmacists have an important role to play in the equation as well, and his innovative thinking is helping to break down walls and rewrite the healthcare playbook.

Dr. Greene is the director of clinical pharmacy services for Care N’ Care, a Medicare Advantage Health Plan serving members throughout a seven-county area of North Texas. In this role, Dr. Greene works to optimize the pharmacy benefits for all members while developing and managing innovative clinical programs that provide for safe and appropriate medication use.

Through his prior positions as director of clinical pharmacy services for North Texas Specialty Physicians (NTSP) and associate professor of pharmacy practice at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center’s School of Pharmacy, it became apparent to Dr. Greene that the potential value that clinical pharmacists could bring to patients was being greatly underutilized. He believed, and data has shown, that pharmacists are well positioned to help patients control chronic diseases (i.e. diabetes, blood pressure, etc.) by providing education on lifestyle changes, monitoring, and medication adherence. And because pharmacists can reach out to patients and share valuable information with other clinicians, they are in an ideal position to manage multiple aspects of patient care, improve health care quality, and decrease overall health care expenditures. By becoming an integral part of the collaborative care team in this way, pharmacists can also allow primary care physicians to spend more time with patients needing diagnosis or more immediate care.

Dr. Greene put his ideas into action and today he and his team work directly with the ambulatory care clinics of NTSP to improve health outcomes for hundreds of Care N’ Care members. And in addition to improving care, they are maximizing the efficiencies of the local healthcare system and avoiding the unnecessary healthcare costs and personal calamity that result from improper disease management.

Beyond his local efforts, Dr. Greene has become a leading advocate for optimizing therapy efficiencies and maximizing the value that clinical pharmacists can bring through more fully leveraging their training in chronic disease management. He is a past president of the Texas Society of Health System Pharmacists and is an active member of both the American Society of Health System Pharmacists as well as the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy.

For all Dr. Greene is doing to change healthcare for the better and to elevate the profession of which he is most proud, we are delighted to recognize him as “Today’s Honoree.”

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