Wright Wellness Center Founders Rachel and Kyle Wright are Today’s Honoree

Rachel, here! Believe it or not, the vision for Wright Wellness Center actually began within the four walls of my private psychotherapy practice.

It began when I discovered that, despite the incredible diversity of clients that I see everyday, at heart, each of them come to me for one of two reasons:


 They want to see an increase in a feeling or behavior. Maybe they want to explore more intimacy or see their partner contribute more around the house. Maybe they want to experience more adventure in their life or hear their partner say “I love you” more often.


They want to see a decrease in a feeling or behavior.  Perhaps they’re tired of fighting about the same thing over and over again – or they are sick of feeling alone in their relationship. Perhaps they find themselves angry all the time or can’t stand the way that conflict shows up in their world.

Either way, the intention is the same: to feel and act better.

“Better” might mean reawakening their sex lives or learning how to communicate with less conflict. It might mean reviving the intimacy in their relationships or learning how to express love to their romantic partner in a new way.

For each of us, it shows up in a different way. But for all of us, it stems from that one universal human desire… to feel and act better.

Now, fast-forward with me a bit.

Over the course of 4+ years of one-on-one client work and countless hours in couples therapy trainings, I learned more about what really works in helping my clients to achieve their “better.” In the process, I started gathering tools and information into packets and bundles and sharing them with my clients.

For example, if a couple came in with a desire for “better communication,” I had a packet of questionnaires, tools, and skill-building homework ready for them to use, in addition to our work in session. Or, if they came in struggling with a past trauma, I had another bundle of resources ready.

The results spoke for themselves. I watched as couples’ communication skills, levels of emotional intelligence, and awareness of each other grew exponentially.

Visit https://wrightwellnesscenter.com/about-us-rachel-wright-lmft-kyle-wright/ for more information.


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